June 12, 2012

Ford Thunderbird 1965 Windows Control Wiring Diagram

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Here we are going to show to you the 1965 Ford Thunderbird windows control wiring diagram. The personal luxury car Ford Thunderbird was also known as the T-Bird. The 1965 Thunderbird was the fourth generation of the whole eleven generations of Thunderbird. The 1965 Thunderbird has the sequential turn signals, horizontal tail lights, and the standard front disc brakes were added.

1965 Ford Thunderbird

Now about this windows control wiring diagram of the 1965 Ford Thunderbird. This wiring diagram will be pointing the components and connections of a 1965 Ford Thunderbird windows control system. Some components inside are including: left rear window motor & switch, window safety relay, master switch, left front window motor, right window motor, and right rear window motor & switch. There will also be wiring connections shown in a different cable colors like: yellow, black-white, red-blue, gray, red-black, etc.

Ford Thunderbird 1965 Windows Control Wiring Diagram

You can download this wiring schematic image for free by right clicking on image and choose the option of save image as. Then you must study them comprehensively to get the knowledge needed if you want to perform your wiring projects on your own. We hope you luck with the project, be safe, and enjoy.

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