January 11, 2012

VW Beetle and Super Beetle 1971 Electrical Wiring Diagram

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This is the 1971 VW Beetle and Super Beetle electrical wiring diagram. Who doesn't know this car, the Volkswagen Beetle, it is popular all around the globe. This car exist almost in any countries. This VW car has that unique design that have the same basic structures through decades. It has the shape of a beetle, and in some other countries it even thought to be a frog shape car.

1971 VW Super Beetle

Now lets see the electrical wiring schematic, this is the electrical wiring diagram of the 1971 VW Beetle and Super Beetle. This wiring diagram is shown in color mode, meaning you will see the connection and parts shown in a colorful pictures. This should make it easier for you to recognize each parts and components. Some of the components are like: windshield wiper and switch, generator charging warning light, turn signal warning light, oil pressure warning light, instrument panel lights, light switch, windshield wiper motor, oil pressure switch, fuel gauge sending unit, etc.

VW Beetle and Super Beetle 1971 Electrical Wiring Diagram

Save this wiring diagram in your PC for any future wiring work regarding your VW's wiring systems. Be sure to study them first to get a better understanding about this wiring diagram. Be safe.

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