January 08, 2012

Kawasaki KZ400 1975 Electrical Wiring Diagram

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What you will find here is the electrical wiring diagram of the 1975 Kawasaki KZ400. The Kawasaki KZ400 is a street-styled motorcycle. Just look at the picture below, you can see that this bike has a vintage looks, with round headlamp and classic fuel tank, and it has two exhaust on its left and right side. The early models of this bike, that were created between the years of 1974-1976, usually have problems with oil leaking and unstable idling, but Kawasaki fix that problems for the 1977 models.

1975 Kawasaki KZ400

Now let's see the wiring diagram, this electrical wiring diagram show us many different components and connections. You can use this wiring diagram to help you in pointing your directions to find components or connections, easily put, this wiring diagram is a map to your motorcycle's wiring system. There are parts names you will see inside this wiring diagram, some of them are as follows: neutral switch, oil pressure switch, AC generator, regulator, horn, battery, fuse, rectifier, etc. There are also wiring connections shown by a different cable colors like brown, pink, white, etc., the cable colors are shown in abbreviations.

Kawasaki KZ400 1975 Electrical Wiring Diagram

You can use this wiring diagram to track down your wiring problems. for example, you can follow a connection until you find a short circuit, if this is the case, you can just fix the connection, or if the problem lies in the components, you can fix them or you may have to change the components.

We hope this electrical wiring diagram helps. Save this wiring image in your PC in case you need them again one day. Work safe, and enjoy.

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