October 12, 2011

Holden VK Commodore Generator Electrical Wiring Diagram

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What will we see here is the generator electrical wiring diagram of the Holden VK commodore. Before performing any wiring work on your VK commodore wiring system, it is best if you read and understand the following wiring schematic shown here. Inside this colored Holden VK Commodore wiring diagram you will see wiring color code to distinguish one from another, wire colors you will see inside are like red, pink, green, etc . Inside, we will also find parts to work with like: battery, generator connector, starter motor. Starter solenoid, fusible link, neutral start & backup switch, ignition switch, distributor, engine harness, ignition coil, fuse box, fuse box connector, battery harness connector, light switch, etc. to view it larger click on image.
Holden VK Commodore Generator Electrical Wiring Diagram

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