May 30, 2011

1965 Ford Galaxie Complete Electrical Wiring Diagram Part 1

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What we will be showing you here is the 1965 Ford Galaxie complete electrical wiring diagram part 1. There are actually two parts of this complete electrical wiring diagram, we will show you the link to them later on.

About this part 1 complete electrical wiring diagram of the 1965 Ford Galaxie, the electrical schematic is very clear to see and read, and also with clear cable connection to read. Be sure to have read about them first before you perform any wiring work on your Ford Galaxie wiring systems, this can save you much time and are also safer from any risk of circuit shorting.

There are several parts contained in this Ford Galaxie wiring diagram, the parts are like: stop light & direction signal, tail light, backup light, direction indicator, light switch, instrument lights, gas gauge tank unit, gas gauge dash unit, windshield wiper switch, windshield washer switch, oil pressure indicator, clock light, clock, license light, high beam indicator, horn button, direction signal switch, emergency warning switch, charge indicator, instrument light flasher, heater switch, ignition switch, courtesy light, ash tray light, cigar lighter, glove box light, door switch, and beam selector switch. You will also see some color codes here, this will refer to the color of the cable connections. Click on image to see the wiring diagram larger.

1965 Ford Galaxie Complete Electrical Wiring Diagram Part 1

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  1. any chance of enlarging with out distorting? i cant read anything as it blurs the larger i get it